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In our ever changing world, where the internet of things, inter connectivity, data convergence are driving change across industries and society, telecommunications has a special offering to take people and industries through the volatility of the change. Having an expert guide your organisation through the change can be a game changer.

Energy and the Environment

Running efficient energy producing organization that is sensitive to the ecological environment is going to be key in sustainability circles and finding the optimum balance is crucial.

Travel and Tourism

Identifying players from customers to all layers of stakeholders that will create demand for travel and tourism locations is key to driving profitability and having the macro effect on job creation and sustainability

Water and Sanitation

Innovation around water and sanitation that optimizes scarce water resources whilst at the same time creating a commercial viability of the water and sanitation sector is crucial in this present world.

Health Care Payers, Providers and Services

Health Care providers such as hospital chains are going through a phase to match increased payer scrutiny over value-for-money services and pricing of health service versus what is received by payers or patients.

Principal Investors into Africa

As an African company, we know the African story and can navigate the complex social, political, economic landscape to foreign investors who want to set up African locations for their operations.

Process Industries

Processes define efficiency and the quality of the operating model at work. Having an operating model that is built on efficient processes can give an assurance of solid margins.

Metals and Mining

With the complexities in the mining and metals environment, driving change through data analytics can help manage complex environments.

Transportation and Logistics

Having a margins strategy that drives profitability is key to business sustainability in sometimes depressed markets.

Public Sector

Taxpayer funded State Owned Companies need strong financial return and value-for-money driven efficiency and stable governance environments

Municipalities (Local Government)

Distressed municipalities and municipalities need a strong and a committed return to operational efficiency, financial efficiency, stable and credible governance practices and achievement of service delivery outcomes.